Our Story

Every shirt tells a story. Printed Threads is driven by the craft that turns those stories into a tangible reality. Since 2010 we have worked hard to ensure that we understand the story our customer is trying to tell so that we can provide them with the highest quality merchandise to tell it with. Because good ideas should be worn out.

Our story begins back in 2000 with our founder, Brett Bowden, and his first company, The Merchandise Factory. Their sole purpose was providing merchandising services for bands. It grew and was eventually sold off so that Brett could pursue his dream of being a touring musician. After several tours, marrying the love of his life, and fathering his first two children, Brett led his family home to North Fort Worth and started Printed Threads. It began with Brett and a couple of former employees from The Merchandise Factory screen printing 10 piece orders in Brett’s garage. Things grew quickly and soon the orders swelled to over 1,000 pieces.

Today, Printed Threads occupies roughly 15,000 sq ft of industrial space where we continue to grow and provide merchandising services for large organizations, clothing lines, and bands from all across the nation. The experiences of the last decade have taught us a lot and enabled us to better serve each of our unique customers. We take pride in delivering the right product at the right time to them, and in custom tailoring every order to their needs. This is not just a job for us…its a passion, as well as an art form.