Insights into fundraising

The current situation for America hit us like a rogue wave and left us having to adapt to very troubled waters quickly. The best approach to the economic situation? Try to help as many people pull their heads (and their businesses) above the surface as possible. Printed Threads immediately began setting up fundraising stores for as many as we could. Since we started a couple of weeks ago, we have raised over $30,000 for small businesses. Who are the real heroes here? Supporters stuck at home purchasing items on local websites, watching live-streams and donating to local music artists, or ordering a cocktail to-go from remaining local establishments. It has been amazing to see communities across our country rally together and support a neighbor.

A very rad design for fundraising.

We are even using our own fundraising services for good here in Fort Worth. Inspired by Panther city’s perseverance and positivity, we came up with a design to reflect that. The proceeds will go to support ACH Child & Family Services. Their mission is to protect children from abuse, neglect, and family separation, and to help children overcome these things when they do happen. We want to help make sure these kids have a safe place to rest, heal, and get a good meal in the midst of this crazy time. You can pick one up here.

If you have an organization or even a staff of people that you need to take care of, we have made it very simple to start a fundraising store. You can read the rest of the details, hear a word from Brett and start a campaign of your own on our fundraising page. It’s inspiring how in a time when we are being told to stay apart from one another, we can still come together and support those around us.


Start fundraising your business!