Keep Calm and Mask On.

The new normal is here. Whether or not you agree with the CDC’s recommendations on covering your face, face coverings are becoming a common requirement to enter some essential establishments. Not only has this created a need for a new ‘Every Day Carry’ item, but it has also opened up a whole new world of expression through fashion. We believe every shirt has a story, and now we’re beginning to think that every mask will too. Consider putting your logo or message on a face covering. Let’s take a look at what Printed Threads has to offer!

The Allmask™

The Allmade Allmask in Space Black

Our favorite mask so far has been the Allmade® Allmask™. The significant benefit of this mask is the two-ply tri-blend fabric that sits lightly on the face and doesn’t feel like it is constricting breathability. It forms easily to the bridge of the nose using a sewn-in wire to increase conformability. The other benefit to this for those that wear glasses is that it helps keep fogging down to a minimum. The straps are light and stretchy and can be worn behind the neck or over the head. Another bonus to this mask, because of the larger jaw size, it can be used as an added cover to medical-grade masks. Check out our review of the earlier three-ply version here. This mask can be screen printed or heat pressed with your design. See the color options here.

‘Around the Ear’ Masks

The MADE cotton mask

For those whose preference does not include wearing straps over the head, we offer a mask that loops over the ears and is fabricated by a company called MADE. The straps loop around the ear and integrate as part of the hem. It is two-ply cotton, fits snugly on the face, and comes in three colors: black, white, and heather grey. MADE face covers are great for decorating as there are no seams to hinder the facade of the garment. They also have a 1=1 program; for every mask sold, they will donate one to a local charity or a person in need.

Neck Gaiters 

Dye Sublimated Neck Gaiter mask option

If you are looking to have a full-color image and full-coverage of the face, this is the best choice. Gaiters have two significant benefits that set it apart from a standard face covering. 1)They are polyester and can be dye-sublimated, and 2) they cover the entire neck. On a hot day, it keeps the sun off of the neck, and in cold temps, it keeps the wind at bay. These are the perfect solution for a complicated design on these.


A bandana wrapped around the face as a mask.

Bandanas are the obvious choice for the ‘I just need to cover my face’ option. There are multiple uses for bandanas aside from using them as a mask, and they have a vast print area for big graphics. You can screen print them with waterbased ink for a soft hand, and depending on the design, there are different ways you can display your message or logo. There are also multiple color and fabric options available. Bandanas are the promotional item that will blend in with the current culture, yet outlast others when things ‘return to normal‘.

It’s been extraordinary to see the apparel industry pivot from fabricating and printing t-shirts to now manufacturing face coverings and developing new equipment to use for decoration. We’re going to get through this together, and face masks are one of the common reasons why. They are helping save industries, brands, and who even knows? They might help save a life.

Do you need a face mask? Buy them individually from Printed Threads here.