Retail Finishing

After we decorate your garments, let us add the finishing touches. Folding, bagging, tagging...we do it all!

Private Labels

This is the most common addition for those wanting to display their brand’s name on a garment. We remove the existing tag and replace it with the brand name, garment size, fabric content, and wash instructions. These labels are most often screen printed, but for nicer garments like collared shirts and jackets, we can also do custom woven labels.

Hem Tags

Whether it’s on the waistline or a sleeve, attaching a custom woven label to the hemline of a shirt is a nice touch that will instantly add value to your product. These tags are sewn on as a long lasting, high quality way to showcase your brand.

Hang Tags

Are you going into retail? Attaching hang tags to your garments is a great way to tell the story of your brand, while also providing a consistent location to place barcode and pricing stickers. If that’s something you’re into, let us know and we would be happy to help you both design and attach them.


Whether you are shipping straight to a retail store or you just like things very organized, we can fold each one of your shirts individually.


Bagging your folded garments keeps them clean, organized, and protected on the way to their destination. We offer this service for individual shirts or in bundle form, like 12 shirts per bag.