Back to the Blog; Driven by the Craft.

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Just kidding. All though we do live in the future now, and it gets easier every day to tie in Back to the Future references in everything we do. All that to say, WELCOME BACK to our blog! We’ll be posting a few more details about other content we toss around the world wide web, and here we aren’t limited to 140 characters (or what ever the standard is now). We’ll be talking about the future, educating and inspiring when we can, and posting about what inspires us. And that’s a GREAT place to start.

We are ‘Driven by the Craft’.


Sure it’s catchy, and it sounds insightful — but what does it even mean? You could say, ‘Hey, that just makes you sound like some protagonist in a story about the screen printing industry.’ And that’s mostly true (we do view our mascot Petey as such), but that’s only part of what drives us. You could say, ‘Hey, that just makes you guys sound like you ‘know a whole lot about what you’re doing’, but do you even?’ In truth, we humble ourselves in learning our craft and spreading that information to others. The iconoclasts will shoulder against this value and say ‘Hey, is that loosely defined ‘Craft’ really worth believing in?’. And guess what we think? It is. The craft is without limits. The craft is failure. The craft is daunting and archaic at times, but when we pour our sweat and pain and time into this, the craft is beautiful. So maybe that’s what drives us. The craft harnesses art. Relationships. Voyage. Our craft has taken us to places we never realized screen printing could go. People we had no clue we could work with. Literally, the craft drove us there. It’s part of our vast WHY. So come back here with us! We love the company we have, the company we keep, and the companies that will have us.