Use Better Shirts

I do quite a lot of traveling and teaching for the screen printing industry.  On one of my recent trips I was talking to a print shop owner that passed along an article about how your cheap shirts are losing you money.  The article really resonated with me for a lot of reasons.

1.  The whole reason you are making shirt is to advertise your business or band.  You want people to see the name of your organization be worn by other people, walking billboard.  Are people going to wear a shirt that is not comfortable?  Probably not.  That shirt becomes a garage rag that provides you no return on your investment.

2.  When you buy a really cheap shirt, the print typically is not going to look good either.  Shirts that are made with poor, cheap quality fabrics do not provide a great canvas for printing on.  If the shirt is uncomfortable and the print looks bad, it makes your organization look bad.

We have a lot of options for better quality shirts.  We work with a lot of leading brands that feel good, fit well, and are ethically sound.  Have you checked out our newest brand of triblend shirts called Allmade? Using Organic Cotton, Recycled Water Bottles and Modal we have constructed a shirt that fits well, feels great and prints amazing.  If you want a sample, please email us.  Use a shirt that people want to wear and that tells a great story.  Checkout